All of our staff members are committed to the growth of our boys

Academic staff

Our passionate and enthusiastic staff members at Toowoomba Grammar School understand boys and therefore can draw out their individual strengths and develop their all-round potential.

These men and women have made a conscious decision to teach in an all-boys’ environment, clearly illustrating their desire and ability to relate to, and support, our students. Our educators are informed by best practice and are specialists in their individual areas. They provide an inspiring and broad curriculum that is tailored for boys’ interests, to ignite their excitement for learning and their desire to achieve their best results.

Our staff bring a world of experience and expertise to their endeavours at Toowoomba Grammar School. Many of our staff have worked as lecturers and researchers, have operated businesses, are published authors, have represented the nation in their sporting endeavours and have been involved in creative industries at the highest levels.

The involvement of our staff with the School’s extensive co-curricular program reflects an understanding of how mentoring boys in various sports and activities will improve the quality of relationships and learning outcomes in the classroom.

Further illustration of the quality of our educators is the number of staff who are actively involved in the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) those who have written or co-authored textbooks, academic webpages or received District, State or National recognition of their teaching performance via awards and commendations. We have numerous academics who provide their research papers and training to staff at schools and universities internationally and are recognised as world leaders in their field.

Operations and support staff

Our academic staff members are supported by a team of professional men and women who ensure the smooth operations of the School. From the nurses, kitchen and catering staff and grounds people through to IT, accounts, marketing and administration, TGS boasts fully qualified specialists who provide high-quality services for our TGS community and are a crucial asset to the overall management of our school.

All our staff regularly participate in professional development sessions to ensure Toowoomba Grammar School is not just moving with the times, but ahead of them. The ongoing growth and development of both our academic and operations and support staff fosters new ideas and teaching methods to help get the best from our students.

This liberal education and continual desire for optimal staff growth diversifies pathway options and opportunities for our students.