Toowoomba Grammar School's Masterplan

Toowoomba Grammar School is embarking on an exciting new phase with the commencement of our inspiring Masterplan. This landmark project, which aligns with the School’s Strategic Plan 2022-2026, supports us in our vision of giving the boys of Toowoomba Grammar School the skills to be independent, well balanced, and successful in life, responding well to challenges and achieving lifelong wellbeing.

The Masterplan is a multi-year project which is designed to anticipate the needs of students in our rapidly changing global society and to provide our current and future boys with outstanding learning environments and opportunities.

Phase One - Herries Street Precinct

This phase will see the development of a first-class Technologies Precinct to expand and consolidate the existing Industrial Design and Technologies (IDT) resources across the campus. Two new buildings will encompass this precinct – a Design, Engineering and Technology facility located behind the Junior School (utilising part of the current car park and where the Health Centre is currently located), and an Agriculture and Industry Centre located on School-owned land opposite the Aquatic Centre on the southern side of Herries Street (a number of the existing houses will be relocated).

As Toowoomba Grammar School looks to the future, we will have the potential to increase our IDT subject offerings to meet the needs and interests of our students, facilitate diverse options in the types of projects they can undertake and offer opportunities beyond the curriculum. With all technologies in the custom designed facilities, we will be able to take a more multidisciplinary approach to technologies, agricultural and engineering offerings through a lens of environmental impact and sustainability to support our goals in preparing students for life beyond Toowoomba Grammar School.

Design, Engineering and Technology Facility

The first-class Design, Engineering and Technology (DET) facility will provide students with innovative and creative learning areas comprising state-of-the-art equipment for the practical application of their creativity and theoretical knowledge. The facility will support students in both the Junior and Senior School, providing all boys with access to innovative technologies that will enhance both our curriculum and co-curricular offerings and equip them with necessary skills for the future.

(*Designs subject to change prior to construction beginning.)

Agriculture and Industry Centre

The Agriculture and Industry Centre (AIC) will expand the School’s curriculum offerings with a strong focus on future and industry focused subjects in the area of Agricultural Science and Environment, Technology, Engineering and vocational pathways in these fields. This will occur through the provision of research spaces, industry collaboration, modern laboratories and facilities as well as construction and manufacturing workshops.

Work will commence following construction of the DET facility.

(*Designs subject to change prior to construction beginning.)

Focusing on the DET and AIC facilities in the first instance allows the School to:

  • Expand these facilities to meet the increasing demand for these subjects.
  • Consolidate facilities across the Junior and Senior School.
  • Enhance spaces in the Junior School to allow for increased specialist facilities.
  • Create space in the north-eastern area of the campus for the future redevelopment of boarding facilities.

Phase One of the Masterplan work will commence with an upgrade of the Herries Street carpark which has been designed to prioritise the safety of children and families. Once completed, traffic congestion will be reduced, and pedestrian flow enhanced to improve the overall parking experience of our Junior School and Aquatic Centre families. Work on the carpark will commence in late 2023 and is expected to finish at the end of Term 1, 2024.

The J.M. Blaikie Health Centre will be relocated to the boarding precinct in the north-east corner of the School in early 2024 to accommodate the new Design, Engineering and Technology facility. The legacy of Dr Blaikie will live on at the School with the new facility continuing to be known as the J.M. Blaikie Health Centre.

(*Designs subject to change prior to construction beginning.)

Future Projects

As a proud boarding school, TGS remains fully committed to, and invested in, our boarding program. Following the completion of Phase One of the Masterplan, the School will then focus attention on a significant upgrade of our boarding facilities. This will occur in a graduated manner over time and initial concepts are exploring the creation of a dedicated Boarding Village Precinct in the north-east corner of the campus. The co-location of our boarding houses and boarding facilities is being considered to create a dedicated community hub for our boarders as well as boarding staff and their families.

We are in the early stages of planning concepts for the Boarding Village and will soon begin a program of community consultation with our boarding families, students and staff.

The full Masterplan includes reference to developing increased connectivity between the Junior and Senior School through a central promenade. Over time, works will be undertaken to enhance the aesthetics of the campus and provide improved flow and movement for pedestrians. Also, there are plans to refurbish the Assembly Hall and Dent Library, upgrade and build facilities for the Creative Arts including Music, Art and Drama, as well as early learning services. Each project in the later phases will be delivered in a staged approach, with works scheduled during times that minimise disruption to students, staff, families and neighbours, as much as possible.

This Masterplan is an outward expression of our commitment to continually deliver the very best in all aspects of education and life at Toowoomba Grammar School. It is the beginning of an exciting and transformational season for the TGS community; a season that will honour our heritage, reinforce our culture of excellence and propel our students into the future with the best possible preparation in life.

(*Architect's impressions of future projects. Designs subject to change prior to construction beginning.)

Ministerial Infrastructure Designation

In September 2023 the School received Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) for the project from the Queensland Government.

Under the Planning Act 2016, Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) is a process for the delivery of certain infrastructure projects which allows for a streamlined approach to project planning, prevents the need for selected development approvals that might otherwise be required and recognises the importance of the project to the community.

The School was notified of the MID on 18 August 2023 by the Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, the Honourable Steven Miles MP. Under this process, formal public consultation with key community members was undertaken, including with the council and neighbours of the East Toowoomba campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What capital works and changes are in the Masterplan?
How will this affect my child’s education?
Who is making these decisions?
How much will it cost? How will the School pay for this project?
Where can I ask questions or have my say?
What is Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID)?

What capital works and changes are in the Masterplan?

The first phase of the Masterplan includes the upgrade of the Herries Street carpark, the Design, Engineering and Technology facility, the Agriculture and Industry Centre and the first stage of the Boarding Precinct. Information on future phases will be available soon. This page will be updated as plans develop and are approved.

How will this affect my child’s education?

All works and developments will be scheduled at times to minimise disruption to learning and experience, though we recognise that there may be some adjustments required by staff, students and families. Toowoomba Grammar School will remain committed to continually delivering the very best in all aspects of education and student life.

Who is making these decisions?

As the bodies entrusted to provide strategic and operational leadership and governance, and ensuring the School is sustainable for future generations, the Executive Team and the Board of Trustees are working together to finalise and approve plans.

How much will it cost? How will the School pay for this project?

We will have a better idea of the financial implications once further detailed plans are in place. Additional financing will likely be required, which will be actively managed by School.

Where can I ask questions or have my say?

We invite you to email your queries and feedback to communications@twgs.qld.edu.au

What is Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID)?

This designation, received from the Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, also recognises the importance of these capital and infrastructure works to the greater community. Read more about Ministerial Infrastructure Designations and access the Environmental Assessment Report .

Find the latest information about building works, car parking and facility access here.