Toowoomba Grammar School is proud to promote a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and reconciliation, particularly focusing on our Australian heritage

Our Indigenous Education Coordinator has a responsibility to support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from a pastoral, academic and personal perspective, as well as to expand both staff and student cultural awareness when it comes to First Nation’s Peoples, our culture and history.

Toowoomba Grammar School Indigenous students proudly display the dot painting of the TGS Crest created by former Year 12 student Todd Ellis (2009 - 2013).

Mr Scott Gale – TGS Indigenous Education Coordinator

Mr Scott Gale, our Indigenous Education Coordinator provides a support framework for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Toowoomba Grammar School to fulfill their educational potential. He also works closely with all our students to spread awareness and understanding of the significance of Australia’s rich culture and history.

A proud Wiradjuri man from Central NSW, Scott is proud of his culture and hopes to ignite that same love of culture in our TGS First Nations students.

“Acknowledge and respect the past and move forward for a positive future together,” says Scott.

Scott was appointed to this position in 2022 and previously held the same role at a Brisbane school. He supported Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through the school’s mentor, boarding and pastoral care programs and he was also instrumental in assisting staff deliver planned Indigenous education programs through the academic curriculum. Scott also has an extensive background in high level sport, particularly rugby union, coaching and playing nationally and internationally and is the 1st XV Head Coach at TGS.

Mr Scott Gale

Activities and events for TGS Indigenous students

Our liberal education at TGS provides boys with a broad understanding of the wider world as well as in-depth knowledge of disciplines and issues that enables them to engage in a meaningful and well-balanced life both at school, and beyond.

We believe it is essential to partner with families, and the wider community to nurture and teach the next generation of young men about our complex and ever-changing society. We hope to engage with Elders and community groups through our Indigenous programs to foster positive relationships and partnerships and enhance learning opportunities for our students.

Some of our Indigenous activities and events include:

  • Formation of an Indigenous Education Common Room/Meeting Place
  • Formation of an Indigenous Education Tutoring Program
  • Regular visits to cultural retreats and participation in cultural programs that involve painting, dance & storytelling
  • Celebration of significant dates in the First Nations calendar (NAIDOC, National Reconciliation Week, etc)
  • Learning history of the significant sites around the Toowoomba Grammar School grounds

These diverse opportunities add value to the boys’ experiences, helping them to discover their potential and the importance of a balanced approach to life.

TGS Reconciliation Action Plan

Toowoomba Grammar School has proudly formulated this Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in close conjunction with Narragunnawali, a nationally recognised organisation that promotes reconciliation in education. Narragunnawali supports schools to develop environments that foster a higher level of knowledge and pride in our First Nations’ histories, cultures and contributions.

This is a formal statement of commitment to reconciliation, led by Mr Gale, in partnership with various TGS staff members, students and members of the School community. It outlines Toowoomba Grammar School’s actions towards reconciliation.

A Reconciliation Action Plan is a formal statement, committing to reconciliation within the school. The RAP outlines a vision for reconciliation along with actions and deliverables the school plans to take over the next 12 months. The RAP is dynamic, meaning it is constantly being reviewed and updated to ensure its continuity.

The School is excited to present this opportunity to our students, staff and the wider community and we look forward to the further development of the Indigenous Education program under Scott’s leadership.

Yalari scholarships

Yalari is a not-for-profit organisation founded by TGS Old Boy (1980-84) Mr Waverley Stanley. Yalari offers quality, secondary education scholarships at leading Australian boarding schools for Indigenous children from regional, rural, and remote communities.

Toowoomba Grammar School and The Glennie School were the foundation schools with three Yalari students in 2006. Now, up to 50 Yalari scholarships are granted Australia-wide each year. In 2022, there were over 250 students on Yalari scholarships nationally with an alumni group of 380 studying at universities, working or undertaking further training.

Toowoomba Grammar School is proud to continue our partnership with Yalari and provide scholarships for eligible students.

Yalari Founder and TGS Old Boy (1980-84) – Mr Waverley Stanley

Waverley Stanley grew up in the small town of Murgon, near Kingaroy. In 1979, his teacher, Mrs Rosemary Bishop saw his potential. She believed this young Indigenous boy had something special to offer the world and she fought to put him on the path to greatness.

Mrs Bishop contacted the then Headmaster of Toowoomba Grammar School, Mr William Dent and asked if Waverley could be accepted into Toowoomba Grammar School on a scholarship. Mr Dent agreed and so changed the course of Waverley’s life.

Not only did Mrs Bishop’s act of faith and kindness change Waverley’s life, but hundreds of others since then as well. Waverley is proud to have been the first Indigenous Prefect at TGS and has worked tirelessly to give Indigenous youth the exact same opportunity afforded him, by creating the Yalari Foundation and the Rosemary Bishop Indigenous Scholarships in 2005.

Mr Stanley epitomizes the TGS values of being a man of good character, kind, humble and gives back to the community. The School is proud to have supported Mr Stanley’s journey and to continue to collaborate with him and the Yalari Foundation to provide opportunities to other Indigenous youth.